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Our early approach is centered around listening to the needs of our clients and communicating those needs clearly to our team

Design-Build Tasks

In a design-build atmosphere, we work with all project members to establish a comprehensive list of requirements, identify challenges, and expose scheduling issues. Throughout the process, the KEI team will provide suggestions to help make informed decisions on cost, value, operational efficiency and issue resolution. We will provide necessary follow-up documentation in order to communicate and clarify ongoing changes.


Knobelsdorff Electric will review carefully and coordinate all constructability issues between structural, mechanical, and electrical trades to ensure a seamless process.

Design Engineering

Knobelsdorff Electric has a long history of creative and effective electrical design. Our industrial and commercial systems are robust and reliable and reflect our technology leadership in the field.

Estimating Techniques

Knobelsdorff Electric utilizes professional ConEst estimating software to assist with providing complete and accurate bids based on schematic and project scope information. We utilize this core estimate as the basis for revisions produced throughout the design-build process.

Understanding and Meeting the Owners’ Expectations

We believe it is only possible to understand clients’ needs by listening carefully and thoroughly researching and understanding the scope and requirements of each project. Adhering to this comprehensive process has earned us a long list of dedicated clients.


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Schedule Control

We prepare for each project initially by estimating both office and field resource needs on a daily and long-term basis. With a talented and technically unequalled resource pool to draw from, we ensure that we will deliver on our commitments.

Cost Control

Knobelsdorff Electric breaks each project down into multiple material and labor budgets for each area of the project. This breakdown method allows us to project final cost for each area of the project and provide accurate projected vs. actual feedback for each area of the project throughout the entire construction process.

Quality Control

KEI Foremen, Project Managers, Electricians, Controls Engineers and support staff are all skilled in delivering a quality installation. Each phase of the project is monitored, reviewed, compared to the project requirements and corrections made along the way to ensure the end product exceeds all customer expectations.

Scope Control

Controlling the scope is an issue we take very seriously. A major benefit to using Knobelsdorff Electric on your project is our dedication to monitoring the construction cost impact at every phase of design and construction. By being able to provide cost feedback immediately during each progress meeting, we continuously manage the project scope to prevent exceeding budget or missing schedule milestones.

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